Parts of the Holy Bible were first translated in the Fijian language in 1839. In 1847 the whole of the New Testament was published in Fijian in its present form. The first and still only complete translation of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) was completed and published in 1864, almost 150 years ago.

This project aims to publish a new and complete translation of the Holy Bible into the Fijian language (Bauan, the official dialect), the first translation since the original 1864 translation was published.

This translation is also the first to be completed by a project team comprising only indigenous Fijians, and the first Fijian translation to be made available on-line and at no cost.

The “New Fijian Translation” (NFT) has been translated on the basis of a number of English language versions of the Holy Scriptures, with no single English version being solely relied upon in a literal translation, in order to best capture the interpretation of the various English idioms, grammar and nuances of meaning in the Biblical text, into their Fijian equivalents.

The project team was assembled, commissioned and solely funded by the Ah Koy Christian Trust, and commenced work in July 2007. The translation into the Fijian language was carried out by the team led by Pastor Peni Seru and Pastor Samisoni Seru, the two Bauan pastors commissioned to complete this work.

Improvements made in the “New Fijian Translation Bible” (NFT) include:

* Exclusion the word “Kalougata” and other mistranslations from English to Fijian of the original scriptures

* 100% consistent usage of the Bauan dialect of the Fijian language, replacing the mixture of Tongan, Bauan, Lauan and other Fijian dialects used in the current 1864 translation of the Bible into Fijian

* Translation of the scriptures into contemporary Fijian language in order to facilitate easier reading and understanding, utilising newly available reference material including the new ‘Fijian Dictionary’